Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Land Of The Free...

Yesterday we had the honor of capturing the USS Lake Champlain coming home from Sea.  It was an amazing experience for us to share in the wonderment of this special time for Daddy's coming home to see babies for the first time, husbands reuniting with wives, sons with parents and so on...

We were in awe as the ship pulled into port with friends and family bubbling with excitement.  Tears flowed and cheers resounded.  A Band played and news crews grabbed handsome sailors in their crisp white uniforms for a quick interview.  Cameras snapped away as husbands and wives reunited, children leaped into the waiting arms of their Hero.  

It is an experience that I will not soon forget and I cry as I look at the photos that we were able to capture.  I imagine my dad coming back from Vietnam when I was just a baby.  No pomp or circumstance awaited him.  

The enormous sacrifices that these men and women give for our country is not comprehended in depth by those around us.  I know that I have a deeper appreciation after witnessing the Homecoming yesterday for all that these men and women give so that I can live in the "Land of the Free..."

I can not thank our servicemen and women enough.


Click to see photos from yesterday's Homecoming...more will be added soon.

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