Hive Happenings {Janean}

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Allow me to introduce myself!  I am Janean of Giggle Moon Photography.  I am a busy mom to four boys...yes four. 

Taylor is 20, Trenton is 15, Turner is 7 and Trevan is 6.  I have been married to my husband Stace for nearly 23 - seems like a lifetime!

I have a passion for photography and for capturing moments to be cherished for years to come.  I enjoy the awesome beauty in nature and am constantly viewing things in life as it were through my lens.  I capture spots and places in my brain with the hope of returning to take photos there.  I love spontaneity, surprises and loathe "posey stuffy" portraits.

I have experienced a lot in my nearly 44 years of life.  The Lord has guided me and helped me to grow in many ways.  I have been blessed to find my friend Kristen.  Together we are teaming up to bring our passion for photography and our growing friendship to you through Birdie-N-Bee Photography.

I love helping people and enjoy working as a team with a like-minded individual.  Kristen and I became fast friends and enjoy many of the same things that life has to offer.  I love that we can talk openly, share deeply and love unconditionally.

I pray that the Lord blesses our new venture and that we may always share in love, trudge thru problems with honesty and be the best friends to each other that we can be.

I am leaving for a week to go on a cruise for my birthday with my mom.  I am so looking forward to some time away with her and to take a break to relax and reflect!

I will be updating my page as I go along!