About Us

Photographers Janean Lindner and Kristen Hardy "ran" into each other as Janean moved into the apartment above Kristen in November of 2010.  Quickly they learned that they had the love of photography in common and became fast friends and neighbors.  

Getting to know us...
Here are some fun questions from Clients and Friends that will help you learn a bit more about "us"!

Are you a “fly by the seat of your pants” photographer or do you map out the session like a meticulous cartographer?
 Kristen: fly by the seat of my pants
Janean: oh...totally on the fly

What one item is a must have in your Camera Bag or Bag of Tricks?
Kristen:  Bubbles - Clearly!  When all else fails pull out the bubbles.
Janean:  Bubbles and Gum (cuz I get Thirsty and chewing gum helps)

Which do you love more, MOUNTAINS or BEACH?
Kristen: THE BEACH hands down
Janean: THE BEACH - my love!

What is your favorite subject to shoot?
Kristen:  KIDS by far!
Janean:  KIDS - Babies - Lil Kids - Big Kids

Do you prefer reading or listening to music more?
Kristen:  Music but I love reading too.
Janean: Music!! I get depressed without it!

What is your take on Coffee: keep it simple (black); liven it up a little (at least cream and/or sugar); everything but the kitchen sink (white mocha java latte with extra whip and a few of those dark chocolate curls on top...); I’ll pass (yuck, coffee tastes like mud).
Kristen:I’ll pass (yuck, coffee tastes like mud).  I am a tall non-fat chai girl!
Janean: ALL the Bells and Whistles!  I like it sweet!

Do you have kids?
Kristen: Yes, 3.  Boy 10, Girl 7 and Boy 3.
Janean: Yes, 4 boys ages 20, 15, 7 and 6

Are you a "Love Story" or "Horror Film" kind of girl?
Kristen:  Love Story
Janean:  Hate HORROR FILMS!  Love "Love Stories"!

What is the ONE beauty product you can't live without?
Kristen:  Bedhead Manipulator - keeps my bangs straight and my curls curly
Janean:  Chap Stick before bed a must for me...gotta have soft lips!

What are your favorite smells?
Kristen:  gardenias, the inside of a pumpkin (brings back childhood memories) and the smell of an office supply store - {random!}
Janean:  gardenias, sea salt kissed skin that has been sunshine baked with a little hint of sunscreen, PINK by Victoria's Secret

High Heels or Flip Flops?
Kristen: Flip Flops!
Janean: Love my Rainbow Sandals! Too old to sport High Heels!

What breaks your heart?
Kristen:  hungry children, knowing that there are times that I will have to watch my kids fail.
Janean:  dishonesty and manipulation, the suffering of the least of these.

What inspires and motivates you?
Kristen:  other people's art, everyday life, my mind thinks thru the lens
Janean:  the beauty in nature, color, laughter, tender moments

Why do you love being a photographer?
Kristen:  nothing better than capturing those moments that so often go unnoticed
Janean:  bringing people joy and happiness through my art is the best thing ever!

Do you shoot with a Conon or Nikon?
Kristen:  Canon 5D Mark II
Janean:  Just switched from Canon to Nikon D700

Do you have a degree in Photography?  How do you know all you know?
Kristen: No degree, self taught - books
Janean:  No schooling, classes - just self taught for many years, got lots to still learn!
Got somethin' else on your mind that you want to know?  Just ask!  
We'd love that!
email:  birdienbee@ymail.com