Creative Lifestyle Sessions ... capturing people "doing life" experiencing moments that may have gone unnoticed is our specialty!

Keep in mind you are getting TWO photographers for the price of ONE.  Be prepared to have mind-blowing fun with us!  We are not your "sit here, look at the birdie and smile" photographers.  If you are looking for "traditional, posed, stuffy, boring" photos do not hire us!  Oh and; Crabby people need not inquire... 

To book your session a Non-Refundable Deposit of half your Session Fee is required to book your date.  Deposit must be received within 72 hrs. or date will be released. 

We are Family! up to 5 people - $300
{additional member add $25 each}
Be prepared to have fun!  Capturing who you really are is what this session is all about.  From building sand castles on the beach to a picnic in the park.  In this stress free session you may have 2 outfit changes.  We will capture you interacting as a family as well as each member and or sibling group individually. 

She Said Yes! {engagement} - $250
Be prepared to have fun!  Capturing who you are as a couple really  is what this session is all about.  What made you fall madly in love?  Where did you meet?  We will get to know you so we can capture your personalities in a relaxed stress free session.   In this fun filled session you may have 2 outfit changes.  We will capture you interacting as a couple, laughing, loving and having fun!

Bundle of Fun - $150 {siblings or Daddy to be added $25 each}
What a special time!  Capturing your "baby bump" with pride and joy.  On-location in your home nursery or location of your choice within 20 miles of Irvine. {Further distances subject to Travel Fee; see below} Up to 2 outfit changes.

The Stork Came! - $150

In-Home Session to welcome your baby!
DETAILS:  MUST be prior to 2 weeks of age - 10 days ideal - {no exceptions}

We will come to your home to capture your new little one as he or she sleeps, eats and explores.  You sit and relax and let us take your baby into the wonderful world of photography!
Babies after 2 weeks - session fee is $200 {it takes more time to get those sweet shots as they become more alert and sessions tend to be longer}

For a fee of $50 each you may add Siblings or Mommy and Daddy.

Capturing the Kiddos - $175
{siblings add $25 each}
From your own backyard or your child's room to a location of your choice
within 20 miles of Irvine. {Further distances subject to Travel Fee; see below} we can frolic and play!  This session is all about capturing your kids having fun and being who God created them to be!  We love chasing kids around and snapping away as they explore. Chasing butterflies, catching wiggly worms, blowing bubbles and swinging - wherever their imagination takes us!

Sassy Seniors - $175
School Days are almost gone - soon to be free!  Let your hair down and let's have a blast capturing the personality of the Sassy Senior!  Up to 3 outfit changes and up to 2 locations {within 10 miles}.  You will have the option of a Graduation Announcement Design for $50.

We have some great spots in mind within South Orange County but are happy to shoot at a location of your choice within 20 miles of Irvine. {Further distances subject to Travel Fee; see below}

Mini - Session - $100 {individuals only}
Don't sweat the small stuff!  Can't afford a full session?  We'll schedule a mini-session at the location of our choice and shoot for approx. 30 minutes.  One outfit only.

Party and Event Coverage - $300 for up to 3 hours.  Special Print Pricing will be available in your proofing gallery. {additional time is available at $100 per hour}

"I DO" - Weddings - We love capturing the special days in the lives of people!  Please inquire for our Wedding Packages as well as our CANDIDS ONLY Packages as an add on to the Wedding Photographer of your choice {with permission from the Photographer you choose}

Don't you just hate it when you can't find the "print prices?" on a photographers site?  I do!

Let me start by saying we take pride in each image we edit.  It is our "art".  We spend a lot of time editing EACH image.  

Do we feel that our work is worth more...absolutely!  We could easily charge big $$ for our prints, but we would rather keep our prices affordable so that our clients can purchase a variety of images instead of toiling over just ONE that they can afford.  It is our gift to you, our valued client.

Lustre Finish - 4x6 - $6
                        5x7 - $15
                      8x10 - $25
Metallic Finish {stunning - our favorite} - 4x6 - $7
                                                                    5x7 - $17
                                                                  8x10 - $27
We offer many other sizes, wallets as well as square, wall portraits and canvas mounts.  These prices just give you an you can plan!

{Session F.A.Q.}

So, you wanna do a session?  What's it all about?

Well, most Photo sessions are done on location.  Got a great spot?  Let us know!  Sessions are casual and relaxed, not forced or rushed.  We delight in taking time to capture the true essence of our subject's personalities.  If we need to take a break or reschedule - no problem!  Some sessions are quick and others take a bit more time.  We play it by ear and go with the flow!  That's how we roll!

The most asked question ..."What do we WEAR?"

Clothing can make or break your photo shoot.
Your portraits are our work of art and your clothing is a tool to help bring that together.  Our favorite is clothing with lots of texture and color.  Be true to your style but don't be afraid to go out of the box and be fun and funky!  Mix colors and patterns.  Layer, so you can change looks.  Most importantly - be YOU!  Don't stick your jeans and tee shirt man in a stiff suit; he won't be himself!

Babies are adorable in the buff!  When traveling to the location remember that tight clothing may leave indentations on your baby's skin.  Try to dress them in loose fitting attire for travel.  Hats and Headbands are always an adorable addition.  Color is wonderful in small simple doses.  Try to stay away from large busy patterns and big logos.  The baby will be lost.  Solid colors work best.  We tend to stay away from reds on a newborn...

Children dressed in colorful, unique outfits that express their individuality are fun to photograph.  If a child feels confident and comfortable in their attire it will shine through in the portraits.  Choose several outfits so we can decide and make wardrobe changes.  Don't force an itchy TuTu on your little Princess.  Nothin' worse than a melt down over an outfit!  Let them be involved - they will be a lot happier!

Families and Groups are best suited in colors that coordinate.  Stay away from the matchy/matchy.  Denim always works and plain colored Tees look crisp.  Be original.  Gone are the days of the white tees and jeans for that beach shoot.  (ick!)  Complimentary colors that are simple and understated help to bring the group together.  Have one or two in a cool paisley or pattern (oh yeah!).  Have fun with texture and accessories too!

We are  happy to work with you and help with wardrobe choices.  We have lots of ideas and resources to send you to find cool attire!  Just ask!

The Nitty Gritty - you know it has to be said...

We LOVE referrals and are always glad to make you photos to post on Facebook site.  PLEASE be kind and do not crop our Company name out of your photos! (it makes us sad)  

PLEASE do not show up with your OWN Camera!! Do not have Grandma, Auntie or a Friend come along and shoot over our shoulder.  Do not snap pics on your iPhone.  If we see any camera make an appearance at our session we will have to kindly call it quits with no refund. This is our business, our profession, our art...our heart.  We appreciate your sensitivity to this matter. <3 

F.A.Q - All about Creative Lifestyle Sessions

When shall I book my Session?
We are usually booked several weeks in advance.  It is best to book your session as soon as possible.  If you need a last minute session contact us and we can see what we can work out.
To book your session a Non-Refundable Deposit of half your Session Fee is required to book your date.  Deposit must be received within 72 hrs. or date will be released.  Upon receipt of your deposit we will email you a contract for your upcoming Session.

What does the "Creation Fee" Cover?
The Creation Fee includes photographer's time, travel, talent and editing of images in the digital darkroom only... prints and products are purchased separately.  Session includes "Sneak Peeks" Which are low res. images of our choice {watermarked} to be shared via the internet and or networking sites at no charge.  {please do not remove or crop our watermark out of the photos when sharing on the internet, these are low-res. and are not suitable for print}

How long does a session last?

Sessions are usually 1-2 hours, Newborns can be from 1-3 hours.

When will I see my images?

Usually we will place "Sneak Peeks" on our Blog or Facebook for you to see usually within 48-72 hours.  Depending on the time of year you will receive the link to your proofing gallery within 2-3 weeks of the Session. 

How will I see my images?
Your images will be uploaded to an online proofing gallery that can be password protected if you desire.

How long do I have to order?

Your image gallery will be available for you to view and share with friends and family for 2 weeks.  Orders must be placed within that time frame.  Gallery will expire after 2 weeks and you will be charged $50 to extend your gallery time.

What if I want to "see" them all in print?

A 4x6 spiral bound "proof-book" is available to you for a fee of $40 which will include all images edited in your gallery - these images are watermarked.

How many Images will I see?

Each session usually yields 20+ images.  Images will be artistically edited for you to view.  

Color or Black and White?
The post production process is our "Art".  Sometimes skin tones or lighting may not yield the artistic look we desire in color so we may make it for you in black and white.  Trust our judgement and understand if we choose not to edit a particular image in color.

How will I place my order?
You will be able to purchase your prints online via your gallery.  If you wish to have a one on one appointment we am happy to come to you and help you select your images for wall portraits, albums and photo gifts.

What if I want ALL my images?

If you would like to purchase ALL the edited images from your Session you may do so for a fee of $450.  You will receive a zip file with full res. images suitable for print up to 8x10 and a copyright release.  If you are interested in Wall Portraits we ask you purchase from our lab as we can guarantee the quality and color of our work.  If you need a disc ~ just let us know.  {this fee is for "Sessions" only and does not apply to Event Coverage}

Do you ever "GIVE AWAY" all the images?

Yes!  With any purchase of $500 in prints/cards/photo gifts you will receive your edited images in a high res. zip file (suitable for print up to 8x10) as our gift to you!

Where do Sessions take place?
Usually within 20 miles of Irvine in South Orange County. For Beach Sessions please add $50.  Any other locations please inquire as to the Travel Fee.

What if I desire more than one location?
Multiple locations may be booked for a session within 20 miles but a fee of $50 will apply.

What if I want to have you photograph us at a location that charges a fee?
Any location chosen that charges a fee - client is responsible for that fee.

© Copyright Info ©

All images are property of ©Birdie-N-Bee and may not be scanned, copied or reproduced without permission. 

©Birdie-N-Bee retains the copyright on each image.  We reserve the right to reproduce, distribute, alter and display any image (including use in any portfolio, competition, exhibition or publication.)

If you do not wish to have your images used by ©Birdie-N-Bee you need to notify us in writing.

{whew glad that is over!}